It’s summer, it’s hot – and you need to stay hydrated.

And sometimes a cold glass of water just won’t do, even with a couple of wedges of lemon or lime.

One way of staying hydrated is to eat your hydration – and summer is chock-full of fabulous foods perfect to keep the sweats at bay.

Cucumbers come to mind, along with celery and even peppers can help with hydration. Of course, nothing beats a big slice of ice cold, electrocyte-rich watermelon, and any citrus fruit, of course.

And, there’s always the lure of big, frothy drinks that you may think are healthy: fruit smoothies, iced coffees and ice cream, of course.

All in moderation, but if you are watching the fat and calories, be mindful of the fact a third-quenching glass of your favourite juice can contain more than 100 calories and a whopping 30 grams of sugar, or about eight teaspoons, in an eight-ounce glass. That’s about the same as a can of sugary soft drink.  Imagine a large bottle of this stuff? You’d be best to divide it up and water it down.

And, for those who love their large cups of ice cold coffee, these drinks can run you more than 400 calories and a good 55 grams of sugar – without the whipped topping.

That first sip may be refreshing, but the combination of milk (regardless what type of milk you use) caffeine and added sweetener and you’re guaranteed to be thirsty in no time.

We’re not saying don’t enjoy a cold one in the hot summer time. Just be mindful – check out the websites of your favourite coffee companies, so you have an idea of what you are drinking to quench your thirst.