Food Finds



EDDIE’S: love exploring new supermarkets and grocery stores. Just recently, I’ve discovered the joys of a place called Eddie’s Meat and Deli Market on Dundas St., in Mississauga. This place is a gem! A traditional local butcher shop that offers a large selection of fresh Ontario pork, beef, veal, chicken, duck, geese, turkey and rabbit, but there are all sorts of amazing food finds, starting with the substantial deli counter, take-out, bakery (you must try the cherry-cheese strudel) – and dairy.

As in I actually found a huge 2 lb., small-batch, hand-rolled package of fresh butter made by the local Amish community. It was just calling me from the refrigerator section. Even with its hefty $25 price tag, I had no choice but to buy it! And share it with family and friends, it was so big.

I’ve visited several times now, and every time I visit I find something so new and unique!

 – Eddie’s, 1575 Dundas St. E. 905 625-9617;


INTERNATIONAL CHEESE:  I have been shopping at this award-winning place for decades. It’s home to some Santa Lucia cheese, and some of the most amazing fresh cheeses in North America, including melt-in-your-mouth ricotta – that’s so fresh, it’s still hot when you purchase it. You can scoop it out and eat a few mouthfuls before letting the whey totally drain, and using the cheese in a variety of sweet and savoury dishes. Interesting note: The fresh whey is packed full of probiotics, so save the water and blend a couple of tablespoons in your morning smoothie, or add a cup to your soup. 

International Cheese, 67 Mulock Ave., (Keele St./St. Clair Ave.) 416-769-7153, open six days a