Seasonal Drinks



We all know the butter tart is one of Canada’s most beloved and famous desserts. But – in a liqueur? Yup!  Just recently, Forty Creek Distillery in Grimsby, Ont., recently introduced its Forty Creek Butter Tart Cream Liquor, tasting like you just bit into a freshly baked butter tart, but with added zing. It’ll be available some time in August.

During a recent visit to Dubai, I had a chance to sip a cocktail that tasted like a freshly-made peanut butter and jelly sandwich. This Forty Creek Butter Tart Cream is following along the same lines. 

I’m thinking it’ll make a lovely holiday cocktail, but I’m thinking of using it to make a warm and delicious fall pudding!

 – Forty Creek Butter Tart Cream Liquor;


When I think of Hendrick’s Gin, I think of fantasy and magic, and summer gardens and whimsical stories. Just recently, I had a chance to visit Hendrick’s newest addition to their “Cabinet of Curiosities” – the Flora Adora. It’s a lovely gin infused with this ethereal essences of eleven hand-selected botanicals, a limited-edition gin that is a true ode to summer’s beauty. The Flora Adore has a delicate finish of fresh flowers and herbs and draws its inspiration from Victoria gardens. Organizers transformed a busy hotel room into the most magical, elegant summer garden one would find in the Scottish countryside! Cocktails included the Wildgarden Cup made with cucumber, raspberries and mind, the Spritz on the Ritz, infused with pineapple and the Bubble Bees – a tribute to the honey bee. Delightful!